High Fashion Custom Tray

High Fashion Custom Tray


Custom trays are made to order and are handcrafted. These are pre-made designs. Just leave your brand and color scheme in the provided box. Weather and low inventory on supplies may cause a slight delay in your order.


    No Returns. No Exchanges. No Refunds (unless it's my fault or otherwise specified).

  • Production/Shipping

    During normal production time you should recieve your #tsunamicustom in 2 weeks or less. Increase in orders may cause a slight delay -- BUT of course, I will do my best to get it to you ASAP!

  • Help Me Grow My Brand!

    Shout me out and tag me in your posts, PLEASE! haha (IG: @itstytsunami and use my hashtag #tsunamicustoms) - Also send me pics! > tsunamiwrld@gmail.com<