Custom Wooden Trays

Custom Wooden Trays


Custom trays are made to order and are handcrafted. Any design and any concept. Just leave your details in the provided box. Weather and low inventory on supplies may cause a slight delay in your order.


    No Returns. No Exchanges. No Refunds (unless it's my fault or otherwise specified).

  • Production/Shipping

    During normal production time you should recieve your #tsunamicustom within 2.5 weeks. Increase in orders may cause a slight delay -- Of course, I will do my best to get it to you ASAP,  but your patience is definitely appreciated.

  • Help Me Grow My Brand!

    Shout me out and tag me in your posts, PLEASE! haha (IG: @itstytsunami and use my hashtag #tsunamicustoms) - Also send me pics! ><